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Chattanooga High School Class of 1966
40th Reunion Update
 June 30th, 2006

Hello Fellow Alumni,

Friday, October 13 and Saturday October 14 are the dates of our 40th reunion. The total cost will be a non-refundable $70 per person. That equals to $35 per night. If you are only attending one night the cost is also a non-refundable $50 per person. I have had several class members ask me to please change the dead line to send in your money for reservations. I could not do it before but being we have gotten enough money in to make another $750.00 payment to the Hotel I can now change the dead line to July 15th to make your reservations.

 Friday October 13 will be held at the V.F.W. on Riverside drive. It will be a casual mixer. It will begin at 6:30 and lasting to 10:o’clock. If there are those of you that would like to stay longer I am sure there will not be a problem. The food will be catered by Way-Crazy Bar-B-Q from Signal Mountain. Food will be served between 7 and 8:o’clock. It is very important that you be there during that time if you plan on eating. The food will be pulled at 8:o’clock. Food cannot sit out for a long period of time due to health issues. I will be leaving at 10:o’clock to prepare for the room party James and I will be having the next day.

 If you have not been to Coolidge Park or been downtown to see what Chattanooga has done to bring our city alive again, take time to take a stroll down on the water front parkway. It is very nice. If you are here from out of town on  Friday and would like to have lunch at an inexpensive restaurant that has good food and you do not have to pay to park, check out the Red Lantern at 1301 Chestnut Street, which is directly behind the trade center and one block from the Chattanoogan Hotel.

 Saturday afternoon October 14 starting at noon and lasting until 4 James and I will be having a room party. You can put your jeans and sweat shirts on and we can have a good time together! We will have mixers and appetizers. You may bring your drink of choice of beer, wine or other if you wish. For those of you that live locally it would be appreciated if you would bring an appetizer to the room party to help with the food if you have time. If you are to busy that day and do not have the time to bring something please do not worry about it. Just come and join us for some really quality time that we can spend with each other and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. The people that came to the last one we had really enjoyed it and told me how much they wanted to have another one this year. Please let me know if you plan on attending. If you decide at the last minute to come to it that will be fine also.

 Saturday night October 14 will be at the Chattanoogan Hotel. The majority of people I have heard from have asked that Saturday also be casual and I feel that request should be met. You may dress up or dress down. Whatever you prefer will be fine. There will be a cocktail hour from 6:30 to 7:30. Food will be served from 7:30 to 9:o’clock. The food will be pulled between 9 and 9:30.

 I look forward to seeing everyone there!

 Don’t forget to go out to our web site that James Tollett has done such a beautiful job on and you can see pictures etc., from our last reunion. Click on

 If you have any questions or any suggestions please contact me!

 Thank you,

Jerry Ann (Hale) Tollett
411 Jadie Lane
Chattanooga TN 37405
423-266-1596 (H)
423-634-5884 (W)

The times for the reunion are as follows:

      Mixer            - Friday Night at the      VFW 4848       - 6:30 PM to Midnight.
      Room Party - Saturday       at the     Chattanoogan - Noon till 4pm
      Dance           - Saturday Night at the Chattanoogan - 6:30 PM to Midnight.

We have quite a few emails that we received from you our classmates and we wanted to let you know what was said with regards to our reunion.


 The email message:

Chris Kidwell

Hi Jerry,

 Our class just would not be connected at all except for your undying (thankless) commitment.  Thank you!

You said, “To help the committee plan events for a memorable reunion week-end, I invite you to send your suggestions for events that you would like to have scheduled.”

 I don’t have any suggestions that I know of, however, I would like to attend the 40th class reunion.

 Thanks, again.

Bill Bomar


 All sounds good to me.  I realize you’re in the initial planning stages and may already have all the resources you will need at your disposal.  If you need an additional helping hand, please let me know.  I’ll be glad to assist in any way you could use help.  Obviously, with me being in Nashville, that could present some logistical issues, but don’t hesitate to let me know.

 You also, obviously, have my current and correct email address.  Anxiously looking forward to the reunion.  Really doesn’t seem that long ago since the last one but, in other ways, it does seem like it’s been awhile.  Good luck in the planning…Bill Bomar. 

Bill Coleman Jerry - I do plan to attend the 40th reunion. Please let me know the costs and I will mail you a check. please let me know the date of the reunion.
Sharon Johnson Hi Jerry,

I got your letter yesterday about the upcoming class reunion. I remember that we were corresponding back and forth probably before the last reunion, and our computer crashed, and I lost most of my files, and then it crashed again. My current email address is: You can post it to the website as that is ok with me. I doubt that I'll be able to come down for the reunion. We were home visiting my Mother over Christmas holidays, and that is a long drive for us--over 500 miles so we're doing good to get down to Chattanooga once maybe twice a year. I went to the 10 year reunion in

1976 as we were still living in the area at the time of that reunion, and that is the last reunion I've been to. You have my current mailing address, but it is: 171 Allegheny Ridge Lane, Berryville, VA 22611-1805. Our older son who is in the Navy is currently living in Bowie, MD less than 2 hours from us, and our younger son is living down in Melbourne, FL close to Kennedy Space Center. My mother is the only family that I have living in Chattanooga, and she is in her 80s, and my husband has an aunt and uncle and cousins that live in northern Hamilton County. Our older son will be transferring to Norfolk, VA in June sometime so we may be helping him with his move. Times change, and since leaving Chattanooga area in 1979, I'm afraid that I've lost contact with most of my classmates.

Sharon Johnson Howse

Rick Waugaman I won't be able to attend. Elisabeth and I made our first trip to Chattanooga in 20 years to attend her 40th GPS reunion. In case anyone asks, her mother, our French teacher Betsy Pearson is living in a retirement community near us.

Best wishes,

Rick Waugaman

Kathy Grover Jerry, I am so sorry that March 22 came and went and you had not heard from me.  I am working on a masters' thesis and mail has been accumulating and put in stacks that I just frankly have not been efficient about responding to.  Yes!! I am definitely interested.  I want to help you also if you need me.  My home address is 5102 Old Chestnut Ridge Rd. Signal Mtn., TN 37377  (It is a new one since our last reunion.)  Looking forward to getting together again

Kathy (Grover) Taylor

P.S. Thanks for being you!!!!

Frank Gordy

Yes , jerry I am interested.  Thank you , Frank Gordy

Steve Benton


 Thank you for your letter and preliminary info about our class’ 40th reunion. 

You didn’t specifically state which weekend we would have the reunion.  Since June 6 is a Tuesday this year, conceivably the reunion could be the weekend before (June 2-3) or the weekend after (June 9-10).  If it has not been cast in stone, let me strongly encourage you to schedule it for the second weekend, the 9th-10th for several reasons:

  •  There are two major benefits already scheduled for Saturday evening June 3:  the American Cancer Society’s  “Daffodill Ball” will be held at the Chattanoogan, and the wine and food party benefiting Chattanooga Endeavors – “Bella Sera” – will be held at the just-opened Renaissance Park.  

  •  The first weekend in June is traditionally the last “graduation” weekend for high schools and universities.  Some of our folks could be involved in these for their sons/daughters and grandchildren.

I think attendance at our reunion would be maximized if we didn’t compete with these other events.  I, for one, could attend the second weekend, but I’m booked already for helping with the Bella Sera event on the 3rd (and heavily involved in set-up on the 2nd).

Thanks again for you lead in the CHS reunion, and keep me posted of plans as they develop.

Steve Benton (Stephen D. Benton)


After Steve found out the dates he responded with -

Hey, Jerry….

Yes Oct. 13-14 looks clear at this point …Thanks


Judy Shipley We could not do any of our reunion work without all James has done for us.