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This is the list of the people in our class with the first letter of their last name beginning with .

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Wade, Lawrence Eugene

Walker, James Boyd

Walker, Newton Alvin

Walker, Patricia (Patsy) Laverne

Wallin, Gail Lasater

Walton, Edythe Elaine

Wampler, Sarah (Jewel)

Watts, Ray (Dean)

Waugaman, Dr. Richard M.(Rick)

Weaver, Connie Teresa

Weber, Alice Louise

Werner, (Diana) Louise

West, Robert Charles

Whiteside, Laurie Ann

Willbanks, Nancy Elizabeth

Williams, Don W.

Williams, Karen Sue

Wimberly, Edgar (Pat) Jackson

Wingfield, Charles (Jackson)

Woods, Calvin LeRoy

Wright, Phillip Andrew

Wright, Robert Allen
"W" page
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