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This is the list of the people in our class with the first letter of their last name beginning with .

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Pack, Donald Franklin

Packer, Carol Sharon

Parks, Carrie Leigh

Parrish, Mary Louise

Parry, Arthur William Jr.

Parson, David Eugene

Patterson, Carl Wilson Jr.(C.W.)

Paty, Sherry Douglas

Payne, Cheryl Meers

Payne, Elizabeth Lee

Pell, Steven Ross (Steve)

Pemberton, James Douglas

Pendergrass, Marilyn Kay

Peterson, Thomas William

Phillips, Charlene Marie

Phillips, Larry James

Phillips, Teresa Marlene

Pierce, David Burton

Pogue, Albert Scott

Polivka, Lu Marie

Posey, Mike

Powell, Betty Ann

Price, Jo Ann

Pritchett, Courtney Aycock

Pruitt, Dykes Lynn
"P" Page
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