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This is the list of the people in our class with the first letter of their last name beginning with .

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Ballinger, Reda Mae

Barbee, Roger Michael

Barrett, John H.

Barton, Paul Herman

Bell, Claudia Allen

Benton, Steven (Steve)David

Biggs, Carlette Elaine

Bishop, James Michael (Mike)

Bivens, Sharon Rose

Bloodworth, Hazel Maezora

Bohr, Robbin

Bomar, William (Bill) Addington

Bonner, John Hare (Rev.)

Bowman, Carolyn Lee

Brien, Bailey Peyton

Brinkley, Susan Yvonne

Brock, Tony Howard

Brown, James Carlton

Buckner, Carol Ann

Burden, Jackie Lynn

Bush, Beverly Sue

Buttram, Carolyn Lee

Byrd, Charles Forbes
"B" Page
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