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50 Years of Military Tradition at CHS is ended.

    City's ROTC program began this year with many things in store, little realizing that this would be its swan song. The literal meaning of ROTC indeed represents strength and power. But, ROTC also symbolizes an intangible power which forms part of the backbone of City's existence.
     City's ROTC has instilled in the cadets a deeper sense of responsibility, discipline, leadership, and respect for their country. While so many other schools would like to have the advantages of the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, the Board of Education felt that this program was to expensive to support for the students at City.
     The ROTC program was started in 1916 as a military training course, but evolved as an official Jr. ROTC unit in 1919. Since then, it has never failed to achieve the rating of an honor unit.
    With Dismay we see the Armoury Dismanteled; with regret we see the passing of this era.

Cadet Colonel
Tony Brock

Jeannie Gilbert

Cadet Lt. Colonel
Jerry Hightower

Kathy Grover

Cadet Major
Glenn Saunders

Sally Mabery

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