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Here is the ROTC Rifle Team and the ROTC Drill Team

Cadet Captain Mike Barbree

Sponsor Mary Jane Tocco

Cadet Captain Dale Thurman

Sponsor Diana Tucker

Cadet Second Lt.
John Hawkins

Cadet First Lt.
Jesse McConathy

Cadet First Lt.
Jerry Carter

Cadet First Lt.
Butch Latham

Cadet Second Lt.
Bio Bill Derben

Cadet Second Lt.
Ed Beacham

Cadet Second Lt.
Mike Cox

Cadet Rifle Team Captain: Roger Bargree
Front Row: J. Hawkins, A. Poynton, J. Shrader, H. Keedy, P. Dyer

Second Row: J. Green, M. Griffin, E. Hickman

Back Row: E. Wright, T. Blackwell, R. Keys

Claiming the best shooter in the Southease, City is proud of its Rifle Team and its season/
Coach James Gray helped the boys on to outstanding victories over Vanderbilt, University of Tennessee, and SMI.
On trips, our boys won
1st place Military Sectional Team at the NRA;
2nd Memphis Invitational;
 2nd Booneville, Missouri
2nd Chattanooga-Columbus;
4th place Coastal Empire Invitational;
and 3rd place Chattanooga Invitational.

The team, all first years firers except fot the team Captain Mike Barbree, has shown determination and potental

Drill Team Captain: Dale Thurman
Guideon: V. Calishaw

Color Guard: G. Barber, B. Tollett, M. Posey, H Fields

Front Row: R. Allison, Lt. J. Carter, L. Gregory, C. Demars, T. Page,E. Beechum, C. Ried, R. Thompson, M. Milligan, D. Williams

Second Row: J. Mconathy, T. Long, J. Caruthers, M. Long, C. Bailey, R. Ladd, S. George, D. Burgess

Third Row: Lt. B. Lathan, M. Helbig, M. Cox, P. Putnam, J. Hines, M. Sims, E. Scruggs, D. Miles

Back Row:  Lt. B. Derben, B. Raines, H. Long, B. Childers, J. Wallace, M. Gilliam, R. Winters, D. Close

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