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Cadet Captain Mike Adams
Sponsor Beverly Bush

Cadet First Lt.
Jim Walker

Cadet First Lt.
Lee Chiles

Cadet First Lt.
Ed Averett

Cadet First Lt.
Mike Justice

Cadet First Lt.
Tommy Dickinson

Cadet First Lt.
Jim Anderson

Company Commander: Mike Adams
Guiedon, D. Wooten

1st Platoon:

Platoon Leader: J. Walker

Platoon Sergeant: L. Feldman

1st Squad: B. Goodson, S. Moore, R. Tudor, B. Gordy, B. Rodecker

2nd Squad: C. Brock, S. Dantzler, L. Cline, R. Hochdorf

3rd Squad: C. Manning, C. Gass, G. Bonine, M. Norris

4th Squad: T. Holliday, D. Montieth, J. Dureton, T. Jernigan

2nd Platoon:

Platoon Leader: L. Chiles

Platoon Sargeant: B. Buckshorn

1st Squad: P. Walker, D. Corbin, B. Allen, J. Gunlock

2nd Squad: J. Richardson, T. Sams, J. Lane, B. Coolidge

3rd Squad: J. Howard, R. Cahoon, G. Lancaster, R. Stangarone

4th Squad: M. Taylor, R. Pickett, M. McKelvy, S. Eaton,

3rd Platoon:

Platoon Leader, E. Averett

Platoon Sargarent: B. Sullivan

1st Squad: J. Bryan, A. Rosa, J. Ride

2nd Squad: T. Shipley, R. Powell, R. Robertson

3rd Squad: D. Evans, J. Morris, D. Russell

4th Squad: 1st Sargent T. Williams, P. Bishop, P. Burroughs, S. Townsend, B. Schenck

Company Executive Officer, J. Anderson

4th Platoon

Platoon Leader: M. Justice

Platoon Sergeant: T. Senter

1st Squad: R. Neely, R. Chaney, L. Denayer, L. Russell

2nd Squad: P. Puryear, R. Young, S. Miller, B. Cook

3rd Squad: T. Gardenhire, R. Campbell, D. Watts, R. Jones

4th Squad:R. Allen, R. Hudson, B. Trewhitt, E. Williams

5th Platoon:

Platoon Leader: T. Dickinson

Platoon Sargent: R. Sanderson

1st Squad: R. Whitten, W. Heard, D. Crow, M. Smith, B. Zinkeler

2nd Squad: R. Cooke, J. Skiles, R. Stokes, R. Cohen, J. Pinkerton

3rd Squad: S. Payne, P. Tabb, H. Kennedy, D. Moser, R. Anderson

4th Squad: R. Robertson, C. Beard, J. Hicks, H. Stoneburner


Below are the pictures that were copied from the Annual pages 188 and 189 respectively.
They were cropped and placed above for easier viewing.

page 188

page 189

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