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Name : Joann Price Longshore
Comment : I love the website! Hard to believe it has been 35 years!
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First Name : wendy
Comment : fun to see old (!) familiar faces from a 1968 grad
Name : Jim Price
Comment : Hello from fellow City Slicker. I am class of 65. JoAnn Price recommended I check out your page as I want to start one for class of 65. Looks great.
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Name : Sherry Weekley Church
Comment : Thanks to all of those who are making these email/website "things" possible. I'm so computer illiterate I'm just amazed that we can keep in touch this way.
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Name : Dennis
Comment : Hey Ya'll Lookin' for Renee,anybody know? I'm Gone Dennis(Class of '65) Talk to me Email :

Name : Patsy
Comment : Class of '65. You have a great site
Name : John
Comment :   Good Site
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Date you visited. : 3/22/01
Name : Karen
Comment : I went to RBHS class of'66, but in checking for old friends at CHS found your webpage. It is GREAT! I live in PA now, and this is a wonderful way to meet old friends again.
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Date you visited. : 3/25/01
Name : Bill
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Date you visited. : March 26, 2001
Name : Jeff
Comment : Neat website...way to go Jerry H. and Peter T. Cooper (you old sea dog). Though I didn't graduate until '68, I knew a ton of you guys. Have fun and be safe. God bless you all.
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Date you visited. : 3/28/01
Name: Jewell Wampler Crist -- 11/19/00 03:59:37
Comments: 1966 class member Did I really look like that?? Thanks for a job well done!

Name: Dan -- 11/14/00 22:38:42

Comments: What a neat page! I surely did enjoy my visit. Your graphics were really neat, such a well put together site! I just started mine but would love for you to drop by and add your link to my book. Keep up the great work!

Name: Sharon Griffin -- 11/12/00 14:26:47

Comments: Jerry, thank you for your email. I really enjoyed this page and reading all the comments from the class of '66.

Name: Peyton -- 11/02/00 22:07:04

Comments: No comments yet! I signed the guestbook on entering the site, have yet to look into the rest of the goodies.

Name: Phil -- 10/10/00 15:59:31

Comments: Great Idea, I only wished it was finished.

Name: Glenn Saunders -- 10/02/00 04:49:59

Comments: I find it easier to use my wife's Email. It get checked more often that way. I am amazed that our web site is "class of 1966" because every other class of 1966 will have to prefix its name such as "Hixon Class of 1966". I think this is a great idea and appreciate the work that went into setting it up.

Name: Linda Cade Lyons -- 09/27/00 15:48:10

Name: Carl Hartley -- 09/23/00 15:31:29

Comments: Excellent job putting this site together. A lot of great memories came rushing back as I toured this site. I intend to visit again from time to time. Thanks for all your work on this project.

Name: Gary R. Rymer -- 09/23/00 00:48:56

Comments: Class of '57 "Just A Little Bit Of Heaven" Dynamos Forever!!!

Name: Phyllis Casavant -- 09/22/00 13:41:01

Comments: This is a fabulous page--I'm so glad I finally logged on. See you in October. Phyllis

Name: Randy Gilreath -- 09/06/00 01:42:02

Comments: well done. brings back lots of good memories

Name: Larry Goldstein -- 09/01/00 17:01:08
My Wife's URL: Visit my Wife's School Site

Comments: the "homeonthenet" site is my personal page, but I also designed the "SpringfieldHigh" site for my wife's graduating class.....My work, however, doesn't begin to measure up to the standards in this CHS1966 site; congratulations, James Tollett ! After I drafted an email citing the fact that I do not appear on the G page, I noticed that the site has not been updated since a year ago; that doesn't quite explain my absence therein, but I expect that there are quite a number of updates to be added h nceforth. I regretfully have never been to any of our reunions, so I imagine that many of you will be even more of a stranger to me than you may have been 35 years ago, but I do intend to make a legitimate effort to attend our next reunion. A lot of work has gone into this website; I know very well because I assisted my wife a great deal in preparing for her recent 25-year reunion. The pix are a very nice touch; we(wife, etc.) used senior annual pix on reunion name badges, but we only use laser copies, and they didn't come out quite as well as those herein......Keep up the good work !

Harvey Stoneburmer - 10/06/99 20:23:28
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Comments: Cool Site! Brings back lots of memories!

Name: (Roger) Mike Barbree - 10/05/99 01:52:04
My Email:

Comments: Sorry I couldn't make the picnic. I keep trying to come to the events but am deeply involved with the Boy Scouts. That and life take a lot of time. Keep inviting me and one day I`ll be able to show. Alway thinking of my friends. Mike

Name: Mitchell Lawson - 09/29/99 23:51:24
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Comments: Nice to see the names of a few old friends, enjoyed the visit.Good job with site.

Name: Michael Cox - 09/26/99 20:16:03
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Name: James C. (Jim) Hess - 09/21/99 22:20:42
My Email: jhess12658@

Name: William (Bill) G. Schwall - 09/21/99 01:31:51
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Comments: I am not lost. I know where I am. I haven't moved in 26 years. Residence address: P.O. Box 876 Chickamauga, GA 30707 Business: 721 Broad Street, Suite 705 Chattanooga, TN 37402 (Attorney) What happened to all of the pretty girls?

Name: Chris Kidwell - 09/19/99 10:41:35
My Email: thezgrp@mindspring

Comments: This site is great!! I'm glad Jerry put the URL on her e-mail so I could click on it. I could not fiond this site using any search engines

Name: Emily Jane (Olins) Caine - 09/13/99 13:04:51
My Email:

Comments: The new look is great! It's so wonderful that technology and Jerry Hale allow us to stay in touch and informed about friends we knew so long ago. I loved the Picnic 1998 picture, but I couldn't identify everyone because the names are not in order. Can ou put the names in order?

Name: John Roberts - 09/12/99 13:08:54
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Comments: nice web site.

Name: John Criminger - 09/11/99 12:34:24
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Comments: This is great! I'll check it regularly.

Name: Michael C. Haggard - 09/10/99 01:35:55
My Email: Michael.Haggard@SUNTRUST.COM

Comments: Good hearing from you. Got the notice about the picnic and saw the website address. Those you know when or etc. Walter Castings was a good friend until I lost contact during the 70's. Thanks Mike

Name: Lynda Clark Helton - 09/10/99 01:32:56
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Name: Scott Pogue - 09/09/99 23:36:20
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Comments: Thanks for the effort it takes to develop & maintain a site like this. I've received correspondence about CHS66 get-togethers over the years, but have not been able to get back for the festivities (yet). I'll stay tuned to the website. SP

Name: P Rand - 09/07/99 03:08:46
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Comments: I think the website is great..the site is very nice!!

Name: Pat - 08/15/99 14:24:49
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Comments: This is really good. I sent it to my sister, Carolyn in Lebanon, TN, who graduated from CHS in 1946 (or 47) and she loved it. I went to Central since we grew up 3 or 4 blocks from the original Central, but went to many functions at City with Carolyn, so have lots of good memories of my own. Carolyn used to say she went to City so she could learn something. LOL I guess I just wanted to have fun back then. She was the more scholarly of us. Anyway, this is great. Keep up the good work. Pat

Name: Carolyn Springer Harding - 08/14/99 16:52:06
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Comments: Wonderful idea and wonderful web site. I've only started exploring, but I think it's great. Your web master has done a great job!! Wish our class (1946) had a site.

Name: Teresa - 07/21/99 03:52:42
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Comments: Just stopped by for a visit. Your doing a great job on your page.

Name: Mattye Tisdale - 03/26/99 20:42:49
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Comments: Enjoyed visiting your site. It was wonderfully developed and very intersting. Will return!

Name: Linda Cade Lyons - 01/22/99 21:02:52
My Email:

Comments: Jerry, I haven't been here in a while, it still looks good. I have included my current E-mail address, not really sure if I kept you up to date. Linda

Name: Larry Phillips - 01/03/99 23:53:19
Favorite Color(s): Orange
Favorite Sport(s): Football
Favorite TV Show.: Kid Say the Darnest Things

Comments: Nice job on the pics. I look just the same. (LOL) Wishing all a happy and prosperous New Year!
Name: Jewell Wampler Crist - 09/24/98 19:03:28
My Email:
Occupation: 4th Grade teacher
Music preference: Gospel and Country
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Raising Labrador Retrievers,church activities,reading

Name: Linda Cade Lyons - 09/22/98 13:37:50
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Occupation: Multi-Professional
Music preference: new age, soft jazz, classical, and 1960's rock

Name: Bob Freeman - 09/21/98 02:32:20
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Occupation: Insurance Administration-CIGNA
Music preference: 50' and 60's
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Fishing

Comments: Jerry, I wanted to get back to you...This is a really nice web page. It is interesting to see the comments of all the old friends. I have started looking at this page every now and then to see what else is new. Hang in there! Bob Freeman

Name: Phyllis Jean Neal - 09/21/98 00:21:25
My Email:
Occupation: teacher
Music preference: R&B,Soul, Tom Jones
Hobbies / Special Interstest: geneology and gardening

Comments: This is great!!!!!! I love it.

Name: Linda Cade Lyons - 09/19/98 15:57:57
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Comments: Jerry, great site! Thanks for the work getting this together. Linda

Name: "Roger" Michael Barbree - 09/11/98 16:03:54
My Email:

Comments: Hey Judy, Carol, Lynda, Linda, Mike, Bfree and the rest. My daughter told me I had put down the wrong e-mail address. Hey I`m not a total computer geek yet! Still trying though. I`ve only got about 500 corrections to make yet. After looking at a lot f other class sites I believe this is about the most user friendly I`ve seen. Great Job. Miss every one. People in class of 67 have been visiting also.

Name: Judy Shipley - 09/02/98 18:46:30
Occupation: Adm. Asst., TVA
Music preference: All, especially rock 'n roll
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Music,Photography, Beachcombing

Comments: I'm very proud of and excited about our class web page! It's a privilege to be able to communicate with CHS classmates and recall special memories.

Name: Sharon Johnson Howse - 09/01/98 22:42:13
My Email:
Occupation: housewife
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Breed & Show Cairn Terriers, handbells, and church choir

Comments: Very nice web page!! I really like the colors. This will be a nice way to keep in touch and find out what is going on as I live so far away up in N. VA as of 7/31/98. Sharon Johnson Howse Class of 66

Name: Michael c. Cox - 08/30/98 15:58:49
My Email:
Occupation: Medical Sales
Music preference: Pop,Clasical
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Travel, Hiking,Sports

Comments: Thanks for producing this web page. It is good to be able to see what is happening with former classmates. It does seem impossible that it was that many years ago.

Name: Lynda Lou (Akridge) Carroll - 08/26/98 19:49:01
My Email:
Occupation: Pro Sports-Computer Network Administrator
Music preference: Jazz & Classical
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Rollerblading, biking

Comments: Glad that this is available! Now we just have to spread the word to get more addresses. Great job!

Name: Claudia Bell Garren - 08/20/98 15:35:53
My Email:
Occupation: Specialist, TVA

Comments: Hello, everyone. Jerry, this web site is impressive! Good job! I could not make the reunions; however, I did order a video...looked like fun! How sad about Raymond, Deloyce, Tommy, Gus, Beverly, Steve, Mickey, and the rest. Although you wouldn't have been able to convince us of it in 1966, we are, indeed, mortal.
Name: Roger Michael Barbree - 08/17/98 12:59:41
My Email:
Occupation: TVA Nuclear Power, Watts Bar, Operations
Music preference: Rock and Roll
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Living Life with my wife and kids and Boy Scouts of America

Comments: Who would ever have thought that our class would come to this. Isn`t it great! Hello to all.

Name: Emily Jane (Olins) Caine - 08/15/98 22:24:32
My Email:
Occupation: Publications Manager
Music preference: Wide variety
Hobbies / Special Interstest: crabbing, fishing, art

Comments: It's a great idea to have a web page. One of the maroon pages had black type on it. That page would probably be better with white or yellow type. Your links back to the home page worked very well. How about pictures next to the classmates' names?

Name: Larry Phillips, FACHE - 08/15/98 19:00:09
My Email: PHIL1295@AOL.COM
Occupation: USN, Retired; Business Consultant
Music preference: Rock & Roll; Country
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Golf

Comments: Hi Guys: The web page looks great. Keep up the good work. I feel a special closeness to our Class of 1966, although I am unable to get to many of the events. One of these days, I will arrange to participate. Thanks again, for this tool to stay in tou h.

Name: Carol A. Buckner Tye - 08/15/98 03:54:44
My Email:
Occupation: Student/night auditor
Music preference: ALL
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Camping/theater/music

Comments: I was so excited to find we had a web page. It makes me feel closer to my classmates. Something always gets in the way of my attending reunions; however, nothing short of power failure or a down computer can keep me away from talking with my old (?)*gri * friends.

Name: Linda Jane Hamby Dagnan - 08/15/98 02:18:28
My Email:
Occupation: insurance sales/office manager
Music preference: classical/contemporary
Hobbies / Special Interstest: Painting, drawing, folk arts & crafts

Comments: Way to go girl!

Name: Charlotte Schubert Hixson - 08/14/98 22:32:59
My Email:;
Occupation: Analyst

Comments: Hi guys. Just got the notice about the picnic and had to look at the web page. I enjoyed checking it out. Will let you know about the picnic - not sure I can make it. Have a change of address for you will send next week.

Name: Rod Dagnan - 08/13/98 21:53:25
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Comments: Jerry, You are on the right track. Keep up the good work. Rod

Name: Bob Freeman - 08/13/98 14:44:25
My Email:

Comments:  I guess this is going to Jerry Hale: Nice Web Site! Bob Freeman

Name: Susan Chandler Card - 08/13/98 21:40:19
My Email:

Comments: Jerry, What a surprise that we have our own web page. Thanks so much for all the time and effort that you put into our class and keeping us in touch with each other. You are appreciated very much. I have wanted to ask you if you had any information about Raymond Young. That was such a surprise to me to see that he had died. He sure was the hit of our last reunion and will be missed. Again, thanks for taking such good care of us. I'll get back to you about the picnic when I know what our plans are. Best regards, Susan Card

Name: Jill Cash - 07/26/98 00:29:19
My Email:
Occupation: admin processor or meat cutter (your preference)
Music preference: oldies
Hobbies / Special Interstest: reading- swimming

Comments: This is a great web page. very. I do not wish to give my real name but I do think this is a great web page may the force be with you!!!!!

Name: Tony R. Boyd - 07/20/98 15:17:04
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Comments: Made some changes since I saw your page last. Looks really good Jerry. I rated your site @ geocities. Talk to you soon.

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