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The 2000 class picnic was a great success, the day was nice and warm, the sun was out, and we had a great time visiting with each other and catching up on events. Glen Saunders visited from Texas. Linda Chitwood made a suprise appearance and everyone enjoyed seeing her there. Below you will find pictures from the 2000 picnic.

Jerry Hale, Reunion and Picnic Coordinator

From left to right, Jerry Hale(Reunion and Picnic Coordinator), Barry Schenck(Assistant Coordinator), Mary Barker(Class Sponsor), Pete Cooper(Treasurer), and Judy Shipley(Assistant Coordinator)

A Picture of the Cake that Jerry Hale purchased and had a montage of the picture seen in front placed on it.

Lynn Trent and his Wife and Linda Chitwood

The 1999 class picnic was a great success below is a picture of Mary Barker giving the opening speach:
Pete Cooper and Mary Barker hold up the proclamation dedicating the weekend of October 2, 1999 as Chattanooga High School day:
Jerry Hale gives out prizes at the 1999 picnic:

The Alumni and Faculty members who attended the 1998 class picnic were:
Mary Barker, Conrad W. Bates, Mike Carter, Ed Casavaunt and his wife Phyllis, Pete Cooper his wife Linda and their son Chris, Roy Cooper and his wife Susan, Phyllis (Neal) Lawarence and her husband Bill, Jerry Ann Hale and her guest James Tollett, Jean (Cooke) Hicks, Linda (Cade) Lyons and her husband Maston, David B. Pierce, Judy Shipley, Gigi Walters, Anna Watson.

All the attendies won door prizes and the food was great!
On the front row, from left, teacher Conrad Bates, Linda Lyons, Jean Cooke Hicks, Anna Watson, Jerry Ann Hale, Judy Shipley, class sponsor Mary Barker and David Pierce. On the back row are, from left, Phyllis Neal, Mike Carter, Edward Casavant, Gigi Walters, Roy Cooper and Pete Cooper.

Pete Cooper our Treasurer for 4 years gave us a printed status of our accounts and supplied each of us a copy of it. He also reminded us that we are a large class and each and every time we send out invitations (over 300) we are spending over $100 to inform our alumni about events. This is the reason a mailout is only done for special events. Any donations to assist us in mailings ect... are always welcome. If people have anything of interest to the alumni happens throughtout the year please send it to us so that we can add it to this web page.

Again contact us through our E-mail and we will get back in touch with you.


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