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Here it is folks!
Pictures from Sept 15, 2001....

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A Show Piece
Prepared by the Clarion Hotel

Barry Schenck
and Sandra Hale from the Class of '64.

James Tollett (an Honorary Alumni)
with a Gift presented by the Alumni.

James Tollett
looking at the Gift from the Class..

Phyllis Neal and Bill (her Husband)
Anna Watson and Brother Bo
Along with Others
enjoying the sounds of the Beaters

David Cooper and his Wife

David Cooper and Wife Dancing

David Cooper and Wife Dancing
Glen Saunders Emily And Joyce Olins
Mary Barker
Doing what she does best.
Reminding us of the friends that we made,
the class members that we have lost,
of all the good and bad times that made up the culmination of 35 years
to reach the point we had in our journey through life.
Keep up the good work Mrs. Barker...

Another picture of Mary
Mary Barker
and Jerry Hale

Ok now, lets not crowd the Registration Table

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