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It's not every day that we can celebrate an event that is so special as that of 2 people realizing 50 years of marriage especially people who were very important to us when we were in school.

Pictures from Mary and Jack Barkers 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Mary Barker coming down the stairs
as she gets ready to go to her 50th Anniversary party.


Mary and Jack
 50 Years Ago 10-10-1953
and now 10-10-2003

Yes she is still able to wear her Wedding Dress!

Jack and Mary doing the "Boogie"
From Left to Right
Jack and Mary, Mary Adams and Michael Adams

From Left to Right
David Adams(Michael's Son) Jack, Mary, Hubert and Adams (Father), Mary Adams(Michael's Wife), Michael Adams(Himself) and Marsha Kelly(Michael's Sister)

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