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Not all of our members were able to graduate with us because of differing circumstances.
This does not mean that they should be left out of our roster.
In fact, because they continued to pursue their education when they could have dropped out of sight, makes them even more worthy of being members of our graduating class.
So welcome back to the fold...
You ARE OUR FRIENDS and you ARE a part of our class.

Equivalency Alumni Members...

Ballinger, Reda Mae(Scott) Baker, Roy D. Crowe, Myrtle Warren
Goode, Clyde Edward, Jr. Hill, Martha Miller Hughes, Virginia Hall
Kistler, William Larry Metcalf, Billie Allison Metcalf, Milton Franklin
Posey, Michael Lee Reedy, K. Patricia Webster Sisk, Ira Clayton
Smith, Clyde Richard, Jr. Whaley, Berniece Helton White, Teddy Dewitt

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