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Hi! My name is Jerry Ann Hale and this is my web page. I placed it here to share my memories with you. Please feel free to read and enjoy these poems that I placed here...


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My Father passed away on March 17, 1990.
I have placed memories of him here for you to see click on
the below picture to share my memories of him.
In memory of my Father

My mother passed away on June 7th of 1999 at 4:00 am.
I was blessed by God because He allowed me to be with her during her last moments on earth.
As she lay resting I read to her Bible verses from the Book of Psalms.
I noticed that she was getting worse so I stopped.
The last words she heard from me as she passed away
was me thanking her
for being such a good mother
and how everybody loved her.
I will miss her as much later in life as I miss her now.
I know that time will ease the pain but still I know I will miss her.
I place on this page a link that will let you get to know something about her,
by reading the poems and sayings she asked to be read at her funeral.
Please click on the picture of her below and visit the site I have set aside for her memories.

My Sister Sandra Hale Owens
CHS Class of 1964

June 24, 1946 - November 3, 2003

Sandy, died unexpectedly, 30 minutes before my birthday.
She was my big sister and I loved her very much.
She helped out at our last Class Reunion
meeting everyone and taking their money
and giving them their badges.
She helped with our room party as well.
Just like she helped me during my school years and even after.
I have provided some more pictures of her
and you can go to them by clicking on her picture below.



My Love and I...J

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