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Here it is folks!
These are the people who have confirmed
and sent in their money for the reunion.

Date Picture Name # of
2/27/06 Michael Adams 2   Saturday
7/26/06 James R. Anderson 2   Saturday
5/24/06 Mary Barker
Our Guest
2 Friday Saturday
6/20/06 Stephen Benton 2 Friday Saturday
6/14/06 Bill Bomar 2   Saturday
5/10/06 Susan Chandler 1   Saturday
6/14/06 Russell Cherry 1 Friday Saturday
6/10/06 Bill Coleman 2 Friday  
6/6/06 Gail Cook 1 Friday Saturday
6/19/06 Jean Cooke 1 Friday Saturday
5/13/06 David Cooper 2 Friday Saturday
6/28/06 Pete Cooper 2 Friday  
6/29/06 Roy Cooper 2 Friday  
5/16/06 Barry Schenck 2 Friday Saturday
5/24/06 Gigi Glover 2 Friday Saturday
5/24/06 Jerry Hale 2 Friday Saturday
5/31/06 Phyllis Neal 2 Friday Saturday
6/2/06 Glenn Saunders 1 Friday Saturday
6/10/06 Diana Tucker 2 Friday Saturday
6/15/06 Drue Papson 2 Friday Saturday
6/19/06 Deborah Duggan 1 Friday Saturday
6/20/06 Lynn Trent 2 Friday  
6/20/06 Patricia Goodwin 2   Saturday
6/23/06 Lu Marie Polivka 2   Saturday
6/24/06 Linda Cade 2   Saturday
6/26/06 Dan Umbarger 2   Saturday
6/28/06 Bill Bowman 1 Friday Saturday
6/28/06 Sandy Shaw 2 Friday Saturday
6/28/06 Shirley Hennessee 1   Saturday
6/28/06 Dean Watts 1 Friday Saturday
6/28/06 Carol James 1   Saturday
6/28/06 Tommy James 2   Saturday
6/29/06 David Pierce 1 Friday  
6/29/06 Beverly Bush 1 Friday Saturday
6/29/06 Butch Latham 2 Friday Saturday
6/30/06 Claudia Bell 2 Friday Saturday
6/30/06 Linda Hamby 1 Friday Saturday
6/30/06 Joan Hatfeild 1 Friday Saturday
7/1/06 Mary Aleta Wooten 2 Friday Saturday
7/3/06 Gerald McKelvy 2 Friday Saturday
7/5/06 Samuel Chawkin 1 Friday Saturday
7/5/06 Judy Shipley 1 Friday Saturday
7/8/06 Phillip Bayston 1 Friday  
7/10/06 William Erd 2 Friday Saturday
7/14/06 Sharon Shrader 1 Friday Saturday
7/17/06 Robbin Bohr 1 Friday Saturday
7/18/06 Connie Hudson 2 Friday Saturday
7/20/06 Linda Chitwood 2 Friday Saturday
7/20/06 David Gilley 2 Friday Saturday
7/21/06 Charlie Greene 2 Friday Saturday
7/21/06 Mike Carter 2 Friday Saturday
7/25/06 Anna Watson 1 Friday Saturday
7/25/06 Chris Kidwell 2 Friday Saturday
7/26/06 Carol Morgan 2   Saturday
8/01/06 Daniel Carter 2   Saturday
8/01/06 John Bonner 2 Friday Saturday
8/5/06 Jeannie Gilbert 2   Saturday
8/6/06 Mary McGinley 2   Saturday
8/6/06 Ty Brock 1 1 Saturday
8/24/06 Emily Olins 2   Saturday
9/2/06 Jerry Hightower 2 Friday Saturday
9/2/06 Fred Gann 2   Saturday
9/5/06 Diane McCampbell 2   Saturday
9/8/06 Kathryn Grover 1   Saturday
9/9/06 Herb Morris 1 Friday Saturday
Osteen, Phil
American History
Phil Osteen 2 Friday Saturday
9/27/06 James Henry 2 Friday Saturday


  Classmate Spouse/ Friend Classmate + (Spouse/Friend)
Total for Friday 49 25 74
Total for Saturday 62 39


We want to extend a very big thank you to those who sent in your money
and wish everyone else who couldn't make it, blessings and prayers.

Special Thanks....

I want to say a very Special Thanks to those of you who sent in donations for OUR Website, and the Web Administrator. Some of the contributors will not even be able to make it to the Reunion, which  makes the donation that much more special for James, because it shows him how much you, my Fellow Classmates, care about what he has done for OUR Class:

Linda Akridge, David Cooper, Kit Arbuckle, Susan Chandler, Russell Cherry, Linda Day, Jay Edmonds, Butch Latham, Lou Marie Polivka, Ann Rhodes, Janice Risco, Glenn Saunders, Mary Ann Stroble, Diane Tucker, Rick Waugaman, Chris Kidwell, Claudia Bell, Mary McGinley, Dan Umbarger, Emily Olins, Beverly Bush, Bill Bomar,

And Barry Schenck needs a Very BIG Hug for everything he has done for the class in the past, present and the future.

Barry has contributed our Grand Prize
           which is a Gift Certificate for $500 to M. M. Schenck Jewelers.

Judy Shipley for going out and finding Door Prizes for Saturday Night ....

Below is a list of some of the Items that Judy has collected:

--Coca Cola:  2 sports bags,
                         antique/die cast truck with knife in the bed,
                         & 1 die cast Coke bottle salt/pepper shakers
--Taco Mac gift card $25
--Easy Seafood gift card $20
--Boathouse gift certificates, 2 @ $15 each
--Nikki's Drive-in 2 dinners of choice, no amount limit
--Chattanooga Store gift basket
--Pair of tickets for It's a Wonderful Life, Theatre Center
--ClearSpring Yoga gift card, $44
--Jax Liquors, bottle of Rocky Top white wine
--Ted's service--oil change
--Convention/Visitors' Bureau
                                                       goody bags/coupons/visitors guide,
                                                      Moon Pies from the Chattanooga Bakery
                                                      & writing pins from Ted's Service Station.
--Cold Stone Creamery Gift Certificate for medium round ice cream cake
--Star Bucks Coffee Basket
--$44 Gift card from Clear Spring Yoga
--2 tickets to the  Comedy Catch
--Chattanooga Symphony--Two center orchestra tickets to classical concert 2006/2007 season
--Earthenware/pottery casserole dish from Plum Nelly Shop & Gallery
--Chattanooga Choo-Choo ornament from Sweetly Southern Shop
--2 dinners for Monday gospel cruise on the Riverboat - Good till October 27th
--Gift certificate for Dinner for 2 at Tabouli's Greek/Italian Restaurant
--1 Bottle of Wine from Jax Liquor

-- and STILL GROWING!!! - WOW, Good Job, Judy!!!

Which btw, if anyone else can help Judy get Door Prizes, I am sure she will appreciate it, I know I will!

Mike Carter for getting us the following

--$25 gift certificate for Steak and Shake
--$25 gift certificate for Starbucks

And Charlie Greene for getting us a

--$50 Gift card for Home Depot.

I have also collected the following

--Piccadilly meal tickets for 2.
--3 meal tickets for 2 from the Cracker Barrel
--2 tickets to the Chattanooga Aquarium
--Lodge Logic Cast-Iron Skillet, 12' Diameter donated by Robert Kellerman
--5th of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Sipping Whiskey from Riverside Wine and Spirits
--$10 Gift Certificate from the Red Lantern in Downtown Chattanooga

You can contact Judy Shipley by clicking on her name in this sentence.

If I have left anyone out, please let me know by clicking on my name below and sending me an email so that James can add you to the above list.

Jerry Ann Hale

Just a note:

Our Sponsor Mrs. Mary Barker also donated to the website, with the donation she sent the following letter:

Dear Jerry,

        Although the suggestion to support the website was not extended for me, I still want to make a contribution. I was only able to be an effective class sponsor and teacher because of the caliber of students who made up the class.
        By supporting the Website, I can express my appreciation for the influence that had upon me.

Love Mary

Thank you Mary for your extra special contribution for our CHS class website. --- Jerry

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 I promise to look seriously at your suggestions and respond promptly...
 J Please come back soon and visit use again!!! J

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