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National Honor Society
Perhaps the highest ambition of a student at City is to become a member
of the National Honor Society. The faculty selects fifteen percent of the
Senior Class in the upper third  and one ninth of the Junior Class in the
upper sixth who qualify in leadership scholarship, character and service.
At Chattanooga High School, the Annetta Trimble Chapter,
which is recognized as the oldest in the South,
is sponsored by Miss Lillian Patton.
They hold induction in the Fall and in the Spring.
Mary Ann Stroble, President
Kit Arbuckle Vice-President
Marcia Cravens, Secretary
Beverly Babcock, Treasurer
Miss Lillian Patton, Sponsor
First Row: Mike Adams, Jim Anderson, Fielding Atchley, Ed Averett,
                     Steve Benton, Hazel Bloodworth, Tony Brock, Carol Buckner
Second Row: Beverly Bush, Gayle Carter, Russell Cherry, Donna Chism,
                          John Church, Pete Cooper, Yvonne Douberly, Debbie Duggan
Third Row: Tim Forshay, Stanley German, Anne Gibson, Patricia Goodwin,
                      Cathy Grover, Dan Hammer, Amanda Harris, Carl Hartley
Fourth Row: Jerry Hightower, Bill Hofmeister, Maria Holt, Tommy James,
                         Helen Lindsey, Carol Livingston, Sally Mabery, Martha Mabry
Fifth Row: Robert Meadows, Ruth Milligan, Phyllis Neal, Nelda Patton,
                    Courtney Pritchett, Lynn Pruitt, Terry Roberts, Dale Sams
Sixth Row: Glenn Saunders, Gerroll Schlesinger, Eric Severs, Gay Lynn Smith,
                      Byron Stewart, Sandra Swafford, Lynn Trent, Diana Tucker
Seventh Row: Jack Turner, Dan Umbarger, Nancy Veal, Jim Walker,
                            Elaine Walton, Laurie Whiteside, Mary Wooten, Linda Black.
Eight Row: Sharon Cate, Steve Gagliano, Pat Goforth, Steve Johnson,
                      Cindy Killian, Kathy May, Connie O'Connell, Elizabeth Ryther

Ninth Row: Rob Sanderson, Tom Senter, Jane Smith

Class Night Speakers

Mike Adams


Mary Ann Stroble

Carol Livingston

Dale Sams and Tony Brock

Commencement Speakers

Kit Arbuckle
Faculty Representative

Jim Anderson
Class Representative

Fielding, Sally and Carol enjoy tea, given for new members after spring tapping.
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