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This is the BIO of Mick J. Tinsley

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Are you currently married?
       If so what is your wife’s name? 

Yes I have been Married for the last 37 years to Barbara. 

Do you have any children (That you know of) ?
And if so how many children do you have (That you know of)?
 And what are their names?. 

None that I'm aware of. 

Do you have a pet?
And if so is it a dog, cat, gerbil, snake.... you get the picture....
And what is your pets sex?
And what is the name for your pet's)? 

 I have a Dog and she is definitely female.
She is a Boxer named Sugar.

Oh, and what is your occupation? 

 Barbara and I both retired three years ago from:
Westinghouse Savannah River Company
Aiken, SC.
(DOE nuclear weapons complex)

Old working titles:  Principle Nuclear Technical Specialists

Do you go to Church?
          If so which one? 

Currently do not belong to a local church.

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